The Challenge

With three established and distinct sales teams comprising 15 individuals, Symec found itself unable to accurately monitor internal sales telephone activity. As the company drove forward with its ambitious growth strategy it became clear that a call monitoring and management system was required to measure performance against critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) needed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.Office team discussing business and productivity

Symec had already replaced its old legacy telephone system with Horizon, Gamma’s cloud-based hosted telephony solution, which gave the company greater flexibility in terms of scalability and predictable monthly costs based upon the number of users. Therefore, a call management solution using a similar cloud-based deployment model – one that was scalable and with comprehensive reporting features that could be customised to their exact requirements whilst also being fully integrated with their new telephony system – would make eminent sense.

The company’s selection of Akixi 1000, an application with more than 1000 operational integrations with Horizon, seemed the obvious choice of call management solution.

The Results

Lesley-Anne Hawkins, Partner Channel Manager at Symec, commented, “We hire incredibly talented sales individuals who naturally have a highly competitive streak in them. Since implementing Akixi, our productivity has improved by 15% and has made a really positive impact on the team. Call stats have increased, talk time has expanded, and more conversations are now taking place which is of course leading to more sales and opportunities for our partners.”

Symec has two Akixi wallboards displayed that provide an invaluable and motivational at a glance picture of all the sales team KPIs.

“These wallboards are the ‘hidden treasure’ of the Akixi solution,” says Lesley-Anne Hawkins. “No self-respecting sales person wants to be at the bottom of a leader board based on their call statistics or any other metric. The display wallboards are therefore impacting their performance in a highly positive manner as the sales team members look to see where they are positioned.

From a management perspective Akixi has taken out the ‘guesswork and approximations’ previously
assumed in our sales performances.

Black phone used by sales team

Now, all call data and information from our sales teams is gathered automatically and our management reports accurately show any aspect of the sales operation at the click of a mouse. This means the Sales Director and Managing Director can see how we are doing at any given point of the day, week or month.

The customer and partner impact is palpable as they see and feel the buzz in the open plan office when they visit us. Partners are really interested in qualified leads and Akixi is really effective at supporting the strategic campaigns we run on behalf of clients, as we can show the Return on Investment (ROI) by drilling down on our call statistics.”

Lorne Fry, the Head of Sales, commented, “Since installing Akixi 1000, monitoring my sales team’s activity on the phones and creating achievable KPIs has now become a simple task. We have two wallboard screens visible on the sales floor and with such a competitive sales team, motivation is high.”

Lesley-Anne concluded, “As a growing business we need to drive sales across all of our business operations and at the same time provide our partners with excellent service and qualified sales leads.”

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